Friday, October 31, 2008

Notes from Daytime TV- "We Watch So You Don't Have To"

“We watch so you don’t have to,” to borrow a phrase from Lisa Moraes, TV reporter for Washington Post.

The other morning I stared at nine TV screens for 45 minutes or more at the gym. At a minimum this keeps me touch with American pop culture as filtered through TV networks. Or at least, what they perceive American middle-aged women want to see. Apparently what they think we want to see is more cute young guys.

On the Today show, they had Robert Buckley, who plays Kirby Atwood on the show “Lipstick Jungle”. (Synergy! Cross-promotion! “Lipstick Jungle” is on NBC, as is the Today Show.) And they showed a shirtless shot like this. Sexual orientation unknown by me at this point:

On another channel, Rachel Ray was literally in bed with this guy, Nate Berkus, an Oprah-favored decorator who hosted Oprah’s Big Give show. Oh, and apparently he’s gay, so not much will be happening in that bed, but still, it’s the imagery that counts here:

Video of Rachel and Nate in bed together here:

And on to more serious topics with Fox News Scare Tactics. These are phrases or topics I saw on Fox News. Nothing is made up here, it’s all true:

- Obama once toasted a Palestinian terrorist at a party – naturally! He and Bill Ayers were with him at a party once! Eek!

- “what will be the effect of a Democratic “super-majority” on the economy?” I’m sure it will be instantaneous socialism. And what’s with the use of the word “super-majority”? This is what makes me think these are scare tactics. What they mean is Democractic-controlled White House and Congress, what we had during the first GW Bush term;

- McCain is having a “Joe the Plumber” rally. That’s literally what they called it. It sounds like something from a preschool show – Bob the Builder, Joe the Plumber. Don’t get me started on the Joe the Plumber thing. Is he supposed to have some kind of persuasive power over me? You’ve got to be kidding.


K said...

I was watching TV at the exact same time (at the gym). Serously creepy stuff. I always think the topics of day time TV are a little insulting.

crabbyanne said...

I know!!! It's amazing. The Today Show used to be a serious show and now it's like a visual woman's magazine.