Monday, October 22, 2012

Election thoughts

I'm going to be really disappointed and depressed if Romney wins this election. I can't believe this election is neck and neck. I find Romney just...awful, and the Republican platform is ridiculous. If he wins, it will be because of the economy and because Obama hasn't made a good enough case for what he would do differently in the next four years. I think Romney wouldn't be so bad if we could just get rid of the entire Republican party that's behind him, that wants to take us back to the nineteenth-century. And Ryan. Ugh, don't get me started.

If Benghazi is a determinative factor, I'm going to be totally disgusted because I think it's a fake issue, completely manufactured to make political points. I hope Obama is able to make this clear in tonight's debate.

I'm not even sure I actually want to watch the debate. But I might regret it if I don't. I suppose I'll force myself, painful as it is. I find them super boring, but I like forming my own impressions instead of relying on the media.

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