Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election/Daytime TV observations

If the Democrats don't win after the headlines of the last few days, I think they better just call it a day and disband. Seriously. Eight years of the worst administration perhaps ever, an economy in freefall, an elderly Republican candidate who admits to knowing little about the economy or the Internet, a Republican VP candidate who is clearly unqualified to succeed said elderly candidate - the list could go on and on. This election should be handed over to the Democrats on a silver platter. That was true last year and it's even more true today. Then why do I feel so nervous?

Observations of Daytime TV while at the Gym:

Fox News ticker: Some "feminists" hate Palin. What the hell does this mean? Why say "feminists" and not "women"? Because "feminist" is simply a code word for "irrational ball-breaking extremist lesbian bitches". Using "feminist" predisposes some people to discount the views of the women to whom they're referring without having to actually discuss the merits. Other ticker items include Palin's reduction of Alaskan taxes and other Fox-worthy glowing Palin factoids.

Today Show: Economy is in freefall, the government's taking over giant corporations whose bankruptcy would upset the apple cart of the global economy, while NBC interviews a 9 year old girl who helped her mother give birth.

Another network channel: Female former sex addicts, all dressed alluringly with huge cleavage. Mixed messages here.


Vero said...

I totally agree about the "feminist" comment. I think it's FOX code for Hilary Clinton!

crabbyanne said...

Yeah, you're my first comment! Yes, definitely code fo Hillary, heh.