Monday, December 22, 2008

Come January, I'll Be Watching TV

January TV I'm Looking Forward To:

* The L Word - Final Season. For some reason, Showtime has let out that a major character is killed and I won't say who on the extremely slim chance that anyone reading this actually watches The L Word. Suffice it to say that it's the character I hate, so I'm thrilled. This is a pretty silly show, all things considered, but it's fun and soapy and the only decent TV show about lesbians. (There are a couple of other ones that aren't very good at all.) The characters are completely inconsistent and their personalities seem to change every episode, and there are way too many fluffy dresses for a show about lesbians, but I wouldn't miss it.

The L Word

* 24 - I've already posted about this. Can't wait.

* Big Love - HBO. This is the show about a Mormon polygamous family, outwardly normal, living in the suburbs. It's a fascinating look at how the wives interact, the husband's relationship with the separatist cult in which he was raised, how the family deals with the "regular" world. I'm waiting, probably in vain, for two of the wives to get involved with each other. Haha.

* Flight of the Conchords - HBO. This show is about a quirky New Zealand folk-rock duo who've moved to New York City to make it big. Their manager works at the New Zealand consulate and they have ridiculous meetings that are like something out of Beckett. The boys navigate the city, love and their music "careers" in stylized, eccentric scenes that often devolve into 70's soul songs, yet contain convincing details about being young in New York. Their one fan is more like a stalker who hilariously shows up wherever they go. I love it.

Season 2 premiere episode here


Julia said...

So what are the other shows with lesbians these days? You know I'll never see them. Who do you hate on The L Word and why? You can say here in the comments, yeah? Just put SPOILER at the beginning. (Not that I've ever seen that show, either.)

I've heard a lot about Flight of the Conchords, and I've seen a few clips on YouTube, but again, not likely any time soon.

You are my lifeline to US pop culture! Hope that's not too much pressure on you...


Anonymous said...

I've seen the show Big Love once. I thought it was very interesting.

I can't figure why a guy would really want more than one wife. I definitely don't want more than one husband. More than one boyfriend, maybe, not definitely not husband.

Happy Holidays.

crabbyanne said...

On Big Love, the husband feels he has a mission from God to fulfill and having more than one wife is part of it. That isn't totally explained. Maybe it's procreation? Not sure. Part of the story is how he juggles 3 wives and their needs and personalities. Not to mention their children. It all gets very complicated.

crabbyanne said...

Julie, there's a terrible show called Exes and Ohs on Logo, the gay/lesbian channel. I think there's another one on there too that I haven't seen, but doesn't look good.

On the L Word, I hate Jenny and she gets killed. Yeah!