Friday, December 19, 2008

A Very Crabby Christmas (Scrooge lives!)

crabby, crabby, crabby...that sums up my attitude these days. I think if I didn't have children, I'd just try to ignore Christmas (and Hannukah, which we also celebrate). I find it hugely annoying. I'm not sure why. I think part of it is because it just sucks up all the energy, every thing and every body, EVERYTHING, is taken up by Christmas. Now it starts right after Halloween and goes into high gear after Thanksgiving, giving us weeks and weeks of all Christmas, all the time. In my opinion, it should start no more than two weeks before, then I might actually appreciate and enjoy the season, instead of just enduring it.

I don't even do that much for it. I grudgingly put up a tree, this year artificial because I can't be bothered to deal with a live one (not after last year - hauling it inside from the top of the car, drifts of needles, hand sawing it to even out the bottom, water spilling, cats drinking yucky piney water; yes, the smell is nice, but is it worth it?). I wait until the last minute to buy gifts. We might or might not get around to doing a card, which invariably ends up being a New Year's card. ( Yeah, we're totally lame.) Only 6 more days to go, as my son keeps reminding me. I get the gleeful daily countdown from him, me grimacing and glaring in response.


K said...

I also find this time of year trying.

My inlaws are coming into town next week - not really helping my mood.

I do find that large amounts of cookies and tea help. Lots of cookies...

Good luck.

Julia said...

I used to love Christmas, and I want my kid to remember it as close to my memories of it as possible. Last night we sang Christmas songs together; people are often amazed that I know so many words to so many Christmas songs, but that was our family tradition.

However, I also agree with you. The Christmas merchandise is up in the stores earlier every year. I presume, since I wasn't in the US this year. And guess what - I like not being there for this holiday! There are no real expectations here. We will go to work, take off a little early since it's the end of the work week, go home, eat a meal with friends, and then have a Boxing Day barbeque. And we have a long weekend for Hajiri (New Year). No pressure at all. It's nice.