Friday, January 2, 2009

Damages on FX

Here's a show I forgot to mention in my preview of January TV to watch: Damages on FX. The first season of this aired quite a long time ago, perhaps the year before last. A second season was apparently waylaid by the writer's strike last year, but it's going to start airing in January. I really loved this show. It stars Glenn Close and Ted Danson. It's a twisty thriller that takes place in the NYC legal world. Rose Byrne plays a beautiful new lawyer who gets hired by Glenn Close, a very successful personal injury attorney with a lot of secrets, for whom the end usually justifies the morally questionable means. Ted Danson played the bigger than life business magnate under investigation for questionable financial dealings. I'm not sure if he's in Season 2, but William Hurt as coming on board, and he's always an interesting actor. I can't really tell you more without giving away crucial plot points if you watch Season 1. Suffice it to say that this a show with fantastic twists and turns and a lot of nasty surprises.

Trivia note on Rose Byrne for Doctor Who fans: She played the older Casanova's (Peter O'Toole) storytelling audience in "Casanova", which starred David Tennant (who plays the Tenth and current Doctor in Doctor Who). Casanova in "Casanova" was written by Russell T Davies, the creator of new Doctor Who and Torchwood (object of my fannish obsession, see sidebar, which sometimes lops over onto Dr. Who and David Tennant) and was a mini-series on BBC and PBS in the US in 2005, available now on DVD.

You can watch previews and recaps of Season 1 here.

And here's a preview of Season 2. (It looks like they've really glammed up Rose Byrne for the 2nd season.) Just watch. It's as good as it sounds.

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