Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Reaction - mini

My brain is fuzzy from a cold, but I have to say, it was mighty satisfying to see Bush ride away over Washington in that helicopter today.

Beyond the miracle of Obama's swearing in, another highlight was Obama's mention of "non-believers" in his inauguration speech. That's got to be a first. I'm not sure it outweighed the unpleasantness of hearing the homophobe Rick Warren deliver an invocation which was thoroughly drenched in thanks to God and Jesus and made you think this was a religious occasion. I totally resent the inclusion of ministers and prayers in official government ceremonies like this. (Moreover, all the religious figures featured in the inaugural concert and today's ceremonies were Christians.)

Moving beyond the crabbyanne-ness of that statement, I was very moved by the inauguration and I teared up at several points. I still can't believe Obama is the president. It's amazing.

It was very cold and damp here in the Washington area today, even with some sun, so I applaud all the people participating and watching in the cold for many, many, many hours. I watched from a warm living room, with easily accessible bathrooms and much food and drink.

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Julia said...

I felt the same (big surprise). When he mentioned non-believers, I just looked at DH and asked, "Did he say non-believers?" I couldn't listen to that buffoon Warren.

I thought Obama's speech was outstanding, as were Perleman and Ma, et al. The poem was okay - better than Angelou's On the Pulse of the Morning, to which it made allusion, but not fantastic. But hey, we had poetry at the inauguration again, so yay!