Friday, February 6, 2009

Fandom Pilgrimage to NY Comic Con

Going on a fandom pilgrimage to the New York Comic Con this weekend. Known to normal people as a comic book convention, these events have morphed into so much more. Branching out from traditional comic books, they now include graphic novels, sci fi and fantasy, with a requisite contingent of attendees dressed as their favorite superhero, scifi, or anime characters. They've become magnets for movie and TV promotion, especially for anything remotely scifi or fantasy-related. One participant describes it as "a marriage between Cannes and Sundance - but with a touch of freak parade". (Fernanda Cohen in Design Arts Daily). I'm going primarily to attend a panel on Torchwood (see sidebar) with cast members and the director of the next series, as well as a couple of other TV panels (e.g. Fringe). I wish I could go to the panel on Dollhouse with Joss Whedon, but it's at the same time as Fringe. We'll see.

PopWatch blog on what not to miss at NY Comic Con

Website for New York Comic Con

ny comic con Photo by tancread on Flickr

NY comic con Photo by Del Far on Flickr


K said...

I wouldn't say no to a super kiss like the one in the last panel.

Julia said...

Have a fantastic fantastic fantastic time! I'll be thinking about you.