Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Interesting News

The Good Old Days (or rather, the bad old days) The FBI investigated Jack Valenti in the early 1960's to find out if he was gay. And an editor's note that appeared after the article was published shows that we still have the idea that it's bad to be gay. The Washington Post stated that: A
Feb. 19 Page One article disclosed an FBI investigation into the personal life of the late Jack Valenti, former White House aide to President Lyndon B. Johnson. The piece should have stated more expressly than it did that the investigation produced no evidence that Valenti was gay or had a sexual relationship with a photographer who was mentioned in FBI records but whose name was redacted from those files.

Because it would of course be the worst thing in the world if Valenti were gay. (Actually, technically probably it is libelous to publish a statement that someone is gay when they aren't, so that must be why the Post made this statement, although they go on to say that Valenti's family OK'd the piece and didn't want to publicly comment.)

Valenti appeared frequently on TV, and this is how the Post described him; "When Beltway insider Jack Valenti died two years ago at age 85, he was playing the role of intermediary between Washington and Hollywood as the theatrical, snowy-haired president of the Motion Picture Association of America."


A high school version of "Rent" is not flying in some parts of the country. "Rent," the High School Musical? Not in Some Communities Some school officials and parents object to characters who are gay or have AIDS, as well as some other aspects of the show. In some towns where productions of "Rent" have been canceled, high school students got involved in productions on nearby college campuses. One high school drama teacher described his experience. His principal "had objected to the show because of its treatment of “prostitution and homosexuality.” “When I heard that, I stopped her and looked her in the eye and said, ‘First, there is no prostitution in ‘Rent,’ and second, homosexuality is not wrong,’ ” Mr. Martin said. “She made no comment. It was the most demoralizing, disappointing moment in my career as a teacher.”" The principal disputed Mr. Martin's version of events. One of the producers of the show on Broadway had this to say about the controversies:

“Like it or not, we’re right smack in the middle of an enormous cultural shift right now, and that shift will give way to acceptance of homosexuality and acceptance of gay characters,” said Jeffrey Seller, one of the “Rent” producers, who are also backing a national tour now under way. “But it’s a process, it’s a messy process, and it makes sense to me that we’ll take steps forward and hit a pothole and take a step backward.

“But you know what?” Mr. Seller added. “The kids are going to win. They may not win this month, they may not win this year, but if they want to put on ‘Rent,’ then they are going to have to fight a little bit and stand up to their schools.”


This is hilarious! George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, outside Washington D.C. has selected a drag queen to be it's homecoming queen this year. Work That Tiara, Boy!

photo by Teddy Meyer - Broadside

She looks pretty good, don't you think? Naturally not everyone is happy with this development.

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