Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bond, Gay Bond

This seems germane to my previous post about Daniel Craig's speculation that James Bond could some day have a gay love scene, and that it's a great idea. New James Bond. (Daniel Craig has played James Bond in the last two movies.)

TV John: I want to be the next 007, The Sun, November 15, 2008.

Here's the brief text:

"Gay actor John Barrowman yesterday revealed he wants to take over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.
The Torchwood star, 41, auditioned for the role before Pierce Brosnan became the womanising spy in 1994 — but was told he was too young.
John said: “They really liked me but said to come back in 20 years.
“Maybe in a few years time...who knows?”
When asked on radio if he would play 007, he said: “Bring it on baby.”
But one Bond nut, Andy Lloyd, said Barrowman, who married his gay lover two years ago, was “not macho enough”."

I'd like to know if Andy Lloyd has seen Torchwood, in which Barrowman seems plenty macho. If Barrowman can't play Bond, maybe he could play Daniel Craig's gay lover. But that would probably melt the screen.


Julie Riddlebarger said...

That's rich, coming from ALW...

We can only hope. However, if he played Bond, we would definitely lose Captain Jack.

crabbyanne said...

Oh, did you think it's Andrew Lloyd Weber? It just says Andy Lloyd, I thought it was just a random person. And good point about losing Captain Jack.

Julie Riddlebarger said...

Yeah, it definitely was Lord Lloyd Webber. The tosser.