Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweeps Month on TV: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

OK, so the fate of the world rests on the results of tomorrow's election. Let's talk about TV!

I won't be watching these TV shows in November, which allegedly are supposed to attract viewers during sweeps month:

- "Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist" (Lifetime)

- "Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work" (PBS). They work?
(A commenter on my LiveJournal page said this: "Yes they do, some of them even have jobs, mostly they have official engagments - dedicate this, open that, vist this, launch this ship, review that regiment, entetrain this head of state and they do charity work, lots of it." It still sounds boring. And PBS seems to think its audience is obsessed with the royals.)

- "WETA's Guide to Christmas" (PBS) A tour of holiday preparations and activities across the D.C. area. Snore.

- "Super-Manny" (ABC) "Supernanny" spinoff. Is that really necessary?

OK, now here are some shows I'd definitely like to watch:

-"Brotherhood" (Showtime) From TV. com: "Brotherhood, a Showtime original series, follows the lives of two brothers in the Providence, Rhode Island Irish-American neighborhood known as “The Hill”. The blue-collar neighborhood has roots in old-world ways of street justice and shady dealings. Tommy Caffee (Jason Clarke) is a family man and local politician who is out to protect the community and its best interests. His world is turned around when his gangster brother Mike (Jason Isaacs) returns to “The Hill” to regain control of the seedy underworld."

This show has already had two seasons that I missed. I'd really like to catch up with it. It sounds vaguely like The Sopranos.

Brotherhood on Showtime

- "24: Redemption" (Fox). 24 hasn't been on TV in so long! This is a 2 hr prequel to the upcoming Season 7. My question is, can 24 redeem itself from its not so great Season 6? Also, it sounds like there will be a completely different set-up for Jack Bauer's relentless intensity. I read somewhere (sorry, can't remember where) that they've jettisoned the Los Angeles CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), which was the base for all the prior seasons. Hard to imagine 24 without CTU. Does that mean no Chloe, Jack's tech whiz buddy at CTU? She pulled him out of an awful lot of fixes. Or was she actually killed in the last season and I've forgotten because it's been so long? (that's a distinct possibility)

Gay trivia: Cherry Jones, out lesbian primarily known for her Broadway and other theater roles, will play the new American President on 24. I wonder if this is the first time a gay or lesbian actor has played a President? (scurrying off to Google - how would you format that search I wonder?)

Personal trivia: My brother bears more than a passing resemblance to Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer.

From the Fox website: "Filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa, and Los Angeles, 24: REDEMPTION stars Emmy Award winner Kiefer Sutherland along with new cast members Cherry Jones, Robert Carlyle, Gil Bellows and Academy Award winner Jon Voight. After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer (Sutherland) is wanted by the U.S. government and now stands to lose the only thing he has left: his freedom. Working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer is called upon to stop a ruthless warlord from drafting innocent children into his murderous militia. First, Bauer must confront his own torturous past and face an impossible decision that will change his life forever. A decision that will set the stage and raise the stakes for Season Seven, which debuts in January 2009."

Did I read that right? Jack's working as a missionary? Yeah, that's plausible. Then again, believability isn't this show's strong suit.

Here's the trailer:

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