Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Women Eat Fries

McDonald's recruits real moms to convince other moms that fast food is OK. There's nutrition in french fries! Really! They're full of potassium! This is almost a direct quote from this article. Moms volunteer to go behind the scenes to see how McDonald's produces its food and report back on a McDonald's website. The company is betting on recent evidence that the public believes "people like themselves" more than experts or journalists. (Apparently the same sentiment that revved up red-meat Republicans at Sarah Palin rallies.) Among the amazing discoveries the women made: Egg McMuffins contain actual eggs! Salads are bagged by plastic-gloved hands! "McDonald's is gambling that even if the moms say negative things -- one said the food contains too much sodium -- the company will win points for transparency." Too much sodium? Naah, I don't believe it.

McDonald's Courts Moms as Fast Food Emissaries

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