Friday, November 21, 2008

50 Sexiest Movies Ever: are any gay?

Entertainment Weekly (EW) this week has lists of "The 50 Sexiest Movies Ever" and "25 Sexiest TV Shows on DVD". Do any of their choices have gay content? Let's see. Of the movies, I've seen 30 out of the 50. (Warning: lots of photos here.)

- #7 "Y Tu Mama Tambien": I still haven't seen this, but it's on my list. EW describes the sexiest moment: "A drunken boisterous celebration escalates into a sensuous threeway. As Mercado (a woman) heads south of the border, the guys unexpectedly - and passionately- kiss." Score!
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- #20 "Mulholland Drive": another one I never got around to seeing. Sexiest moment: "Sweet Betty (Naomi Watts) invites amnesiac Rita (Laura Elena Harring) to cuddle, and their good-night peck leads to more. Betty whispers, "Have you ever done this before?"".
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- #29 "Bound" - OK, I did see this one! Sexiest moment: "[Jennifer] Tilly shows [ex-con handywoman Gina] Gershon that she, too, is extremely useful with her hands."
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- #30 "Maurice"; I'm not sure I would have included this one. (I actually own the DVD of this one.) I previously described Maurice's relationship with Clive, played by Hugh Grant, as bloodless. Clive is very repressed and refuses to do almost anything. Sexiest moment (according to EW): "Alone in the dorms, Maurice and Clive stroke each other's hair before nuzzling into their first embrace." That's pretty much all they do. Maurice's involvement with a hot gamekeeper (yes! a gamekeeper! those English) is much more satisfying on that score.

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- #39 "The Talented Mr. Ripley"; I did see this, and I loved it. Starred Jude Law and Matt Damon. Sexiest Moment: "...when Tom (Damon) and Tom (Law) play a simple game of chess - over a bathtub, with Law naked inside - every move is an advance and a rebuff. Nothing that steamy ever ends well."
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- #47 "Kissing Jessica Stein": I saw this one too, but I wouldn't include it on this list. Interesting, but not great. I'd give it a B. Sexiest Moment: "Hoping to get lucky, two lunkheads approach the ladies at a restaurant and proceed to extol the virtues of girl-on-girl action - all while Helen secretly fondles Jessica's thigh under the table." Umm, I don't even remember that, that's how much of an impression it made. I think part of the problem was Jessica really didn't give off any lesbian vibe at all and the whole relationship seemed forced and awkward. Just look at this picture.
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- #49 "Yossi & Jagger": Haven't heard of this one before. Now I want to see it. Israeli soldiers in a "less tormented version of Brokeback Mountain's Jack and Ennis". Sexiest Moment: "The guys go at it, fully clothed, on a snowy hillside. Because we see mostly close-ups of their faces as they make out, joke, and laugh, what's sexy is their sweet delight in one another."
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- (arguably) #50 "300": no gay content described, but the aesthetics lean that way.
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So there's quite a few movies with gay content on their list!

Now, what about the TV shows? They have fewer here. Conspicuously missing: "Queer as Folk".

- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Willow/Tara)
- "Six Feet Under" (David/Keith)

- "The L Word" (naturally)

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Julie Riddlebarger said...

Of the movies, I've only seen Ripley (and I'm much more interested in the author of the book, Patricia Highsmith, who was an amazing writer and interesting person), um, got sidetracked there...oh, yeah, Y tu mama tambien (definitely worth watching), and Maurice (definitely cold and sad). Bound, huh?

Haven't seen 6 Feet Under, or The L Word (gasp!). And HOW could they leave QaF off this list? OMG.