Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick: Testosterone Rules Sunday Daytime TV

(enough with the Ian Dury references, which you probably don't get unless you're old enough to have listened to pop music in the early 80's)

We Watch So You Don't Have To: Sunday edition

I drive past four churches this morning, parking lots packed, to reach my chosen place of worship, Gold's Gym. As usual, I take up my position in front of the eight TV screens hovering in space above the ranks of cardio machines. Sunday's a bit different from weekday mornings. Not a spatula or makeup tool in sight. No weight loss stories, no relationship advice. No cute young guys, unless they're football players. What do we have instead? Football on three screens, Meet the Press on another (Katty Kay of the BBC - I love her! That's her in the photo), Fox News, CNN and local programming featuring "Export Licensing: Procedures" (suitable for Washington, D.C., city of nerds). In other words, testosterone rules. The women must all be at church.

Fox News has a new tag line. As we all know, it was formerly "Fair and Balanced", but was hardly that. Now it's "America's News HQ". It seems more than a little suspicious that it has a new tag line right when Obama wins the election. Was "Fair and Balanced" sullied by too close an association with Republicans now on the downswing? (BTW, the Fox News website sucks big time. Time for some re-tooling, I think.)


Julie Riddlebarger said...

Yeah, I got the Ian Drury and the Blockheads reference. I had that song on The Concerts for the People of Kampuchea - on cassette.

crabbyanne said...

Sometimes I forget my frame of reference is not the same as a lot of people who are now adults. Glad you knew who he was!